#Indulge your sexy side with an #Exclusive #NSFW excerpt from Sherri Hayes! #DominantPersuasions is only #99cents!




By: Sherri Hayes

Logan Mattson has been dating Lily Adams for a year and he wants to do something special for their anniversary. What better way to celebrate than to take her away for the weekend and indulge in all her kinky desires?




#Exclusive Excerpt

It took me a minute to remember where I was. I’d been sleeping so soundly that waking up had been a bit of a shock. The sun streamed in from the wrong direction and the mattress beneath me didn’t feel quite right. That was when I recalled that Logan and I were in a cabin. Alone.

Rolling over, my gaze landed on his still sleeping form. His hair was a little longer than he normally wore it, but he’d been so busy the last month trying to get everything done so we could have this weekend together that he hadn’t had time to get it cut. I didn’t mind. It gave me something to hold on to when I ran my fingers through his hair.

His chest rose and fell with his breathing and I followed the light sprinkling of hair down his chest to where it disappeared beneath the blankets. Last night had been . . . well, there really weren’t words. Logan and I were pretty great in bed even without the kink, but as he’d gained confidence as my Dom, it brought things to a whole other level. I now understood why the French called an orgasm ‘the little death.’ Every time we were together, he demanded a piece of me in return and I willingly gave it to him.

Thinking about last night had me craving him again. Today was our actual anniversary. One year ago today, we decided to give this relationship a go, kink and all. I don’t know what I would have done if he’d decided he couldn’t do it.

My gaze once again headed south. That night, I’d knelt down in front of him and given him a blowjob. I’d encouraged him to pull my hair and thrust his hips. He’d been so hesitant . . . afraid he’d hurt me. Once he’d realized doing both turned me on, he’d let go completely and come down my throat so hard he ended up kneeling on the ground in front of me.

A wicked smile crossed my face as I considered my options. I could wait until he woke up and ask permission or I could take the initiative and do it anyway.

Sliding beneath the sheets as gently as I could, I positioned myself between his legs. He stirred a little, but then his breath evened back out. I waited a few minutes until I was sure he was asleep before moving again.


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