Raven McAllan knows just how to PERSUADE the willing…#DominantPersuasions is only 99 cents!


In His Hands

By: Raven McAllan

In Monsoon season, in Hong Kong, anything can happen… Even so, the last thing Caness Clacher expected was to meet a Dom. The very man who made her want to sink to her knees and say, ‘Yes, Sir’. Unbeknown to her Patrick Lim had waited a long time to claim Caness as his sub. Without electricity and with a monsoon raging, it’s time to explore their desires. Will the elements work in their favor or not… Only time—and a scene—will tell.




#Exclusive Excerpt


The traffic stopped again and Patrick looked at her. “He said he thought you wouldn’t slap my face.”

“Hah, little does he know. I would if I thought it was merited. Or used some karate. And how do you want me exactly?” she asked as she unbuttoned her jacket and wriggled out of it to show a sheer white blouse with a camisole under it.

It hinted, teased, and his cock responded with alacrity. He’d have zipper teeth marks on it if he didn’t control himself. The only teeth marks he wanted on him anywhere were Caness’. “Every way. I hope to hell you say yes, pet, or my cock is gonna snap under the strain it’s putting on itself.”

“Yes?” she said absently as she unbuttoned the blouse and threw it onto the back seat. “Yes to… oh… us…” She grabbed the jumper from the floor and with a grin he could only describe as bratty, slid the shoulder straps of her camisole down and off her arms and pulled the jumper over her head.

“Clever,” he commented as she tugged the jumper lower, and lifted her butt to draw the camisole off. “Can you do the skirt as easily?”

“Nope, but I’ll try my best not to flash the number 293.” She gestured at the double decker bus in the inside lane and began to do the most arousing wriggle known to cock and the rest of man.

“Sod it, keep the bloody things on. I’ll come in my trousers if you don’t stop that fucking twist and grind.” He ground the command out through gritted teeth.

“Ah…oh sorry but nearly done.” She pulled her skirt down and he swore he got a flash of red hair as she did so. Then with a muttered, “Excuse me,” Caness rolled her discarded skirt up, along with what he swore were red lacy panties, and put them into her handbag. Not hair then? I hope she dares to be bare.

“Garter belt or hold ups?” he asked abruptly.

“Suspender belt. I’m mainly British, went to a British school and uni, and use British words.” She twisted in her seat, and grinned. “So remember when you tell me off for swearing, fuck, bugger, and shit are words of endearment in that language.”


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