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The Sub That Got Away

By: Amy J. Hawthorn

Dr. Ember Ross dedicated her life to caring for her patients, always putting her needs last—including her need for submission.

Royce Damron has everything he could want in life. The only thing he lacks? The perfect sub.

When mutual friends use a new BDSM dating site to set them up, a clueless Royce takes things one step further, intending to keep their encounter an anonymous one-night stand. Unaware the woman he’s spent years pining for waits beneath the hood he insisted she wear, will he miss the sub that got away?



Reflexively she righted her position. Her knees burned against the footstool’s leather.

“Do you have a few hours to spare Monday? I’d like to run a few things by you.” His voice paused, and she closed her eyes, hoping to hear more. “Great, see you then.” A light tug on her hair mixed with the glide of a single finger down her back. Determined not to lose it, she held her pose, even as her legs ached.

When he rewarded her with another run of his fingers her through her hair she bit back a sigh. She’d give nearly anything in exchange for more of the soothing sensation. Such a simple act, filled with a subtle pleasure. She didn’t understand why someone playing with her hair gave her so much joy, but it always had. Yet, this went light-years beyond any satisfaction she’d ever received from it before. Attuned to every sound he made, she waited, focused on nothing beyond him and the fingers combing through her hair.

When he spoke next, his tone seemed almost absentminded. “Answer me this, sub. What did you hope to get out of tonight? Tell me the truth.”

Ember knew better. In the short time she’d been with him, she already knew that very little got by him. What did it matter? He didn’t know what she looked like, didn’t know what kind of profession she held. He didn’t even know her real name. “A few hours of escape.”

“That’s all? Truly?”

“Yes, sir. My job can be extremely demanding. I love it, but there’s no escaping the long, stressful hours. I’ve only been able to find the release I need with a Dom. I just want to forget it all.” Her knees had gone numb and the muscles in her thighs burned, but she held still.

Another light caress swept through her hair. Pleasure bloomed and spread through her body, a warm, golden glow. Aching for more, she fought the burn in her legs and concentrated on the pleasure she felt elsewhere. Her scalp. Her breasts. The arousal coursing through her and pooling in her womb.

“Stand up. Put the hood on.” The sudden command made her pause. She took a brief moment to gather her wits and prayed her legs cooperated. She eased off the ottoman and stood in place, continuing to face away from him. She slipped on the hood and waited.

“Remove the robe. I want to see all of you.” Her shoulders rose as she took a deep breath then dropped. She slid the silk back from one shoulder then repeated the process with the other. The knot in the belt slipped loose almost too easily as it came apart in her hands.

“Don’t drop it. Hold on to it.” The rough pads of his hand lightly rubbed over one shoulder, pushing her hair over to the opposite side. A single finger slid down her spine, stopping just above the cleft of her bared ass. Equally aroused and self-conscious, she stared ahead at the painting on the wall.

“Fold the robe, bend over, knees straight, and place it on the floor.” She did as instructed straightening and folding the robe as best as the flimsy material would allow and bent over. At his command, she’d put her full ass on display. Heat bloomed low in her belly and spread.

“Stop right there.” She froze.


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