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Make Believe Submissive

by: Daisy Philips

When the Kinky Book Club relocates to the restaurant Maggie owns, she’s fascinated by the D/s lifestyle. When they offer her a chance to visit the club, she talks her fiancé Rick into going, thinking it will be fun for a night.

Rick gave up the lifestyle when he fell in love with a vanilla woman. Maggie may be playing the role of a submissive, but he is not pretending to be a Dom.

Will their visit to Club Hades reawaken a need he thought he’d buried? Can Maggie change from being a make-believe submissive to the real deal?



Rick looked at the sated woman lying in his arms. He loved her so much. She was amazing. She had loved being dominated by him, or so it seemed. He was afraid to get his hopes up, but was it possible she might be open to him being dominant in the bedroom… on a regular basis?

“So, baby. Did that live up to your fantasies? Did you like me dominating you?” He kept his tone light, hoping she didn’t realize just how desperately he wanted her to answer in the affirmative. He would never, ever pressure her into doing something she didn’t want to. On the other hand, if this was something she enjoyed, he would be happy to introduce her into the lifestyle.

“Oh god, Rick, it was amazing, fantastic. There aren’t enough superlatives. I loved being a make-believe submissive. And you, you are so amazing. I know that’s not your sort of thing, but you really threw yourself into the role of make-believe Dom. You are the absolute best fiancé ever!”

“We could do it again next week, if you like. There was this one scene I recall that involved handcuffs, a feather, and some nipple clamps…” He tried to keep his tone light as he tried to figure out how to tell her that it wasn’t just about giving her what she wanted. In fact, if she thought about it, what he did with her wasn’t exactly what was in the book he’d read.

“Rick, I repeat: You are the best boyfriend ever, not only to do this for me but to offer to do it again, especially because I know it’s really not your thing.” She snuggled closer. He closed his eyes, laid back, and tried to figure out how to respond. He had let her believe he was vanilla for more than two years. How could he now tell her that he was a Dom, had been once since he was eighteen? He hadn’t lied to her, not directly, but by omission. He’d done it for her. He didn’t want her to leave him because he wanted something she couldn’t give. It had been a sacrifice on his part but one he freely made because he loved her.

Had he done too good a job keeping this part of himself from her? He’d worried she would leave him because he wanted something she couldn’t give. Now… did he have to worry that she’d leave him because she wanted something that she thought he didn’t want to give? He needed time to think.

Before he could say anything, she added, “I can’t believe we never tried role playing before.” She leaned up and kissed him on the corner of his mouth before snuggling back into his arms. “I’m thinking that next time, I’ll be a pirate queen and you can be my prisoner. I’ll enjoy seeing you on your knees. Night.”

She snuggled deeper into his arms and fell asleep— probably dreaming of topping him. Rick went rigid at her words but forced himself to relax so she wouldn’t wonder what was wrong.

Clearly, he’d misread her signals. Completely. She’d had fun pretending to submit. That was the key word, pretending. She wasn’t like him. She didn’t need it. He did. He’d gone without it so long… for her. But now that he’d had a taste of it again, he wasn’t sure he could go back to how things were before.


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